Monday, August 1, 2011

Review: Horrible Bosses

Hobo Dan: Ah, it's glorious to escape the death and destruction that surely would have ensued if my wife had made me see The Smurfs movie. I so dreaded seeing that movie because it looked like crap. It is also nice to go to a movie that has been out for a while, so I can be all antisocial. There is nothing worse than seeing a movie while sitting next to Mr. can't sit still. Or Mr. sweaty nerd. Or Mr. over powering cologne. Or Mr. has to talk the whole time. I've had all these experiences this summer. I really need to be a professional at is so I can see all the movies in empty theatres like that fat guy who hates video games. Horrible Bosses was pretty funny. Not the funniest movie I've ever seen, but pretty good. I do think it was better than Hangover 2. It's your average idea; characters in ridiculous situations, making even more ridiculous decsions, cussing along the way. It was nice to see Charlie Day from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia; he is always funny. I'm not going to say too much more because it funny and I don't want to ruin it for you. If you like funniness go see it. Or at this point wait until it comes to Blu-Ray or Netflix because with how fast things are coming out these days it could be out tomorrow.

The Wife: After joking with the husband pretty much the entire summer about making him see The Smurfs movie, I made the decision to see Horrible Bosses instead. I think The Smurfs could be cute, especially because Neil Patrick Harris is in it *swoons*.  However, when old childhood favorites become movies the results can be disastrous. I would still like to see Smurfs, but I can wait to Netflix it. As for Horrible Bosses, I had wanted to see it for awhile. I love funny movies. Horrible Bosses was released when we were in Florida, and when we returned from vacation we had the two major summer movies to see: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 and Captain America. So, I was excited to finally have the opportunity to see Horrible Bosses as well as to escape the child crowded movie theatre that certainly would have coincided with The Smurfs.

If you have a sense of humor, then go see Horrible Bosses or at least plan to add it to your Netflix queue. Although it wasn't quite at the level of The Hangover funny, it was still pretty hilarious. I really enjoyed the cast. As the husband mentioned, it was nice to see Charlie Day from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia on the big screen. Jennifer Anniston also rocked this movie. It was fun to see her play a very different role from her usual movie genre. I can't really say anything more because I don't want to spoil the jokes.

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  1. This is the wife and I just realized that I spelled Jennifer Aniston's name wrong. Fail.