Thursday, August 4, 2011

Programing Notes

So I just plain ran out of ideas for today’s post. That’s when the Wife suggested I cop out and write about our upcoming posts for this month and fall. I proceeded to rudely inform her that the only thing I cop is a feel, but you probably don’t want to read the rest of that sentence. I told her I do not cop out on this blog and that I’d come up with something. I did not. That low nagging sound you hear is her explaining to me (again) that she is anyways right. I really think this heat has got to me. Every time I sit down to write my brain heats up and I feel like it’s going to explode. Then it does and I spend the next hour guiding my headless body around on all fours scooping slimy bits of brain back into my skull. So without brain power or will, I’ve decided to cop out and preview the blog for you. I feel so shameful. This schedule only includes the Thursday posts. Movie Monday will continue to be filled with Best Picture Project posts (Casablanca and Crash upcoming) and more current movie reviews.

See that paragraph you just read? Yeah I wrote that before I went to lunch and life struck me down with inspiration. It’s amazing how you can be so blindsided by people. A little back story? I frequent Little Caesars Pizza for lunch. I always get one bag of bread sticks without sauce and Mt. Dew. It helps that it is just across the street from where I work. Most of the time I go there when I’m feeling too lazy to drive or walk far (which is most of the time). So yesterday I ventured across the street. To my horror, I walked in the door and they had a plastic bag waiting for me with two bags of bread sticks and a Mt. Dew already to go. The guy said “I put a second bag of bread in there for you since you’re such a good customer.” I walked out of the store and instantly stepped in front of traffic in an attempt to end it all. Seriously I’m that guy? Not a good customer of say, a coffee shop or book store. Not even a damned comic shop? No, I’m the good customer of Little Caesars Pizza. Life has a funny way of telling you it’s time for a life style change.

Now back to your regularly scheduled cop out post…

Next Thursday (August 11) is my Fall Movie Preview. This time I’ll be covering September, October and November releases. For some reason this looks like a terrible fall season for new releases. While that is bad you viewers, it’s usually pretty good for me. It’s much less effort to verbally assault movies like Shark Night 3D than Transformers 3. But who am I kidding; I don’t have trouble poking fun at any movies. Go a head, try me! Find a movie I won’t/can’t mock. I double dog dare you.

On August 18 the Wife and I will celebrate four years of murder free marriage. To mark the occasion I will be composing a lovely blog post for your reading pleasure. It may or may not contain embarrassing stories.

August 25 the Wife will be going solo (gigity) with her very own Fall 2011 TV Preview. She is going to break down all the major network’s upcoming shows, from returning favorites to fresh meat sure to only get one season before being devoured by a new CSI or Law & Order. You’ll also get a good idea why I don’t watch much television and what keeps me up at night clinging to my sword in an attempt to protect my very soul from the civilization destroying powers of the Jersey Shore and just about anything else MTV does these days.

September 1 will bring our full on explosion of information about the 2011 Mothman Festival in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. It runs from Friday, September 16 to Sunday, September 18. Not only do we hope you enjoy our preview, but we also hope it compels you to come to the festival and see it for yourself. Let us know you’re coming and we will make sure to meet up with you!

I’ve thought long and hard about revealing this final point. I came to the conclusion that if I’m serious about finishing it then there is no better motivation than to publicize it now. For a few weeks I’ve been working on some short episodic stories. The idea is to write around 10 of them and then publish them here on Thursdays every week. This goes back to the original idea for this blog, which was to get me writing on a regular basis. Assuming I really finish the first 10 episodes and that they aren’t just terrible, I plan to start their publication early to mid October.


  1. I also forgot to mention a site redesign including a color pallet change. Can you say dark text on light background? Hopefully that will make reading my short short easier.

  2. Will we be getting a in the future?