Sunday, July 10, 2011

You're A Wizard Harry

The Wife: Epic. Amazing. Breathtaking. Totally winning! All words to describe the sheer awesomeness that is The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, located at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure. Matching Gryffindor shirts and all (I also had a Gryffindor tie!), Daniel and I were ready for a nerd fest day o' fun at Harry Potter land! The Hogwarts castle was just like the movie and how I always imagined it! Hogsmead and all the shops were amazing! Butterbeer was awesome as was Pumpkin Juice...oh! We also had an amazingly delicious lunch in The Three Broomsticks (place from books and movies). And I even found a chocolate frog! *nerdgasim*.

The Harry Potter and The Forbidden Journey Ride is one of the most amazing rides I have ever been on. I screamed, casted my patronus spell when the Dementors attacked and basically was in fangirl heaven. Spiders attack at one point and I did Ron's "can we panic now?" Quote from HP and The Chamber of Secrets! For once in our marriage, today I was the nerdiest Roush! Before Flight of the Hippogriff (rollercoaster) I even bowed at Buckbeak and the Universal employees told me good job. I am the coolest!

Basically the HP Park was a dream come true. Even the bathrooms were awesome thanks to Moaning Myrtle. If you love HP, you must come here! Experience of a lifetime! Sooo sorry if this post wasn't the funniest, but I had to fangirl blog. (Along with HP I also got my pic taken with CYCLOPS from X-Men!) I am sure the hubs has some funny musings below!

Hobo Dan: Crotch fondling Mexican kid please stop. I understand adjustments are needed on occasion but you're putting on a tease show in the middle of the lobby with Mickey watching and everything. Chill kid you can't be too rough with that equipment.

Did you guys hear we went to the Harry Potter park today? I'm sorry the Wife under sold it so much. It really was pretty cool. Question: does something called butterbeer sound like a good idea when it is 95 outside and the suns beating down on you? Butterbeer was a bad choice. Yeah it was good, but after 30 minutes it started curling in my stomach; it was a fun time. It was also pretty funny to see my wife shouting HP spells at the creatures on the ride. She can never make fun of me for light saber fighting again.

Attention fat people on scooters: drive into the ocean. If you have a real excuse to use that thing (fat shouldn't count) then at least learn how to drive it. Also avoid the super narrow aisles in all the stores, you're going to get stuck and I'm not pulling your ass out. That about sums it all up.
Stay tuned for more coverage tomorrow! Visiting Disney parks!

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  1. Okay, I'm envious of everything you've seen except the crotch adjusting kid! Loved the pictures, too! I've always wondered what butterbeer and pumpkin juice taste like! Oh, this is Brenda Roush by the way.