Saturday, July 9, 2011

We Love Disney Sandwiches

Hobo Dan: Hey everyone, sorry this is so late, but I'm on vacation and I'll do what I want. Anyways here is a picture of the greatest sandwich EVAR! Drool noobs. So now that I've had this sandwich the trip is complete; time to head home. Writing this from a bus heading back to the hotel. At least this trip I don't have two small South American kids dry humping each other in my face. I'll fill you in later.

The Wife: We are finally at Disney, my favorite place in the whole world and of course "The Happiest Place on Earth!" We arrived at our Disney Resort this evening and it has already been awesome. I seriously love being told to "have a magical day" constantly. And our hotel, which is kind of southwest/mexican themed is beautiful! To top it off it even comes with our very own hilariously entertaining Guatemalan soccer team. See above post for details!

Also, as Daniel mentioned...the sandwiches. Earl of Sandwich at downtown Disney is almost worth the trip here all by itself. Disney even makes food taste better!

The trip here was pretty smooth even with my intense fear of flying. The children behind me didn't help my nerves by shouting "we are gonna fly to space...or crash!" Thanks kid. The same kids also felt the need to kick my seat multiple times. It didn't matter though cause I was on my way to Disney!

Tomorrow we will venture to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Be ready for an uber nerdfest!
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