Tuesday, July 12, 2011

...And Star Tours is Awesome!

The Wife: Disney is truly the happiest place on earth. Sure it's hot and the parks can get crowded (with lots of people who do not understand the concept of a line...le sigh), but it doesn't matter. To sound uber cheesy it really is a magical place here! Winning!

Today we began our adventure with some wild fun at Animal Kingdom. Battled a Yeti on Expedition Everest (one of my top fav rides in all of Disney) and had some fun in an African Safari. Got some great animal pics (except for when my camera once again decided to be hateful when I tried to get an elephant pic...don't worry I got a cute baby elephant pic despite my cameras random rage quits) that we will post later. We also saw Nemo the Musical! Just keep swimming! Just keep swimming!

And the best part of today was our dinner at Epcot. We ate at the Garden Grill Restaurant and along with the amazingly good food, we were joined by Pluto (who seriously loved me and came by to see me like 10 times), Chip, Dale and the man of honor himself, MICKEY! I was as excited as the four year olds in the restaurant. You can be a kid again at Disney, which is great considering the stressed out adult lives we lead!

We closed today with Mickey ice cream and the Fantasmic Show at Hollywood Studios. Also rode some rides thanks to the winning power of extra magic hours.

And a Star Tours is awesome!

Hobo Dan: When large crowds get together, they love to rejoice in their shared stupidity by doing the wave. An internationally recognized sign that we are all idiots. Why would Aliens in search of other intelligent life come here. I'm pretty sure if Aliens are real, they are more like Independence Day.

Pluto the dog really liked my wife. He kissed her and hugged her and even copped a feel. Then he crapped on the floor of the restaurant and I got to rub his nose in it; so he got what was coming.

I guess the USA is the only country in the world with lines. That is the only explanation as to why foreigners have no idea what to do or how to act when in them. They believe the best way to get to the destination is to mass around it and crowd in until everyone else just gets out of the way. I guess it's just because their afraid it won't be there if they don't hurry? Fear not foreigners, this is America, we've got our shit together when it comes to entertaining distractions from important matters; haven't you played Angry Birds?

And Star Tours is Awesome!

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  1. What is Star Tours? And it's good to hear Pluto got what was coming to him...You never know who's inside there...maybe it was the chick from Pizza Hut.


  2. Star Tours is the awesome Star Wars ride at Disney. They just recently upgraded it and it is fantastic.