Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bitcorn, Powdered Alcohol and Stuff

A few things of note.

I sat through a webinar about bitcoin today. When I originally wrote that prior sentence, I made a type-o, misspelling bitcoin as bitcorn. Because spell-check flags bitcoin wrong every time, I overlooked the error until much later. When I did find it, I laughed so hard I deleted my previous ramblings about bitcoin so I could focus on bitcorn.  Bitcorn, in my honest opinion, is a much more suitable currency than bitcoin. First, since bitcorn is a physical commodity, commonly know as candy corn, it is not reliant on computers and technology. Second, bitcorn is not deflationary, as every year millions of pieces of candy corn are produced that no one eats, because it is terrible. Therefore, unlike bitcoin, we will always have more bitcorn to use in financial transactions. Prepare for the bitcorn wars. You have been warned.

I found this article about "powdered alcohol". It's not really a good article, but it made me aware that there is such a thing as powdered alcohol, so it has that going for it.

I ran a 5k this weekend in Pittsburgh. For not running in 6 months, I did okay. By okay, I mean I did not puke on home plate at PNC park.

We have fully caught up with Big Bang Theory episodes and are now reliant on the live TV schedule to watch episodes. This is devastating news.

You're Welcome

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