Monday, April 28, 2014

Mad Men, ET and Stuff

A few things of note.

Last night while watching Mad Men, I noticed that during every commercial break, someone was trying to sell me breakfast food. It stuck me what a good idea it is to advertise breakfast food after 10 pm on a Sunday night during a show about advertising. Most working adults watching will probably be heading bed soon after the show. And the last thing on their minds other than Don Draper’s beautiful stare? That’s right, Jimmie Dean’s sausage biscuits. Much advertising, such meta, wow! Just so you know, I am impervious to subliminal advertising. I had a Mountain Dew and Cheez-its for breakfast this morning… Oh crap, they mentioned Mountain Dew in the episode last night.

So, over the weekend, a Microsoft-backed documentary team went into the New Mexico desert digging for the infamous buried copies of the dreadfully awful Atari game, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. If you’re not familiar, E.T. is widely considered one of the worst videogames ever made. It is the poster boy of the 1983 videogame crash. Legend has it that Atari buried thousands of copies in a New Mexico landfill after it was clear they couldn’t sell them. Many believed this was just rumor. This weekend proved otherwise.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 comes out the week. Despite my lack of enthusiasm, my marching orders have been assigned by the boss (wife) and I will be seeing it Friday. If you’re nice, I’ll do a write up.

Finally, I’d like to shout out to a few people who recently entered the blog-o-sphere:

First, go checkout Random Ramblings of a Running Princess to read all about the exploits of my beautiful wife and her many adventures.

Second, take a look at Live, Laugh, List if you’re into living, laughing and listing.

You’re Welcome.

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