Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Fart Noise Methodology, Star Wars VII and Stuff

A few things of note.

Last night I came to the realization that I have lost the ability to make fart noises via putting both hands to my face and blowing (I couldn’t find the technical term for this on the internet, though I did find it fascinating that searching “Fart Noise Methodology” brings up some very well written posts).

Sure I can still handfart. Raspberries are as easy as ever. But the hand to face method is somehow cruder, and thus more hilarious. I could never armpit fart. The wife apparently was once a very talented armpit farter. When I asked for a demonstration, she said that since the development of her mammary glands, the noises have never been the same; things getting in the way and all (I was told not to say it's because her bewbs get in the way, so I didn't). But still she produced a few adequate fart noises. Then we both realized we were adults pushing 30, had a good laugh, and made some juicier fart noises.

So the main cast of Star Wars Episode VII was released yesterday. See link. Old and new together in the picture on IMDB is pretty cool. I am assuming since JJ has already made two Star Wars films (he called them Star Trek for some odd reason) that this one will be pretty good because he's had lot of practice.

In 2006 I purchased a Mac Book Pro (the first model with an Intel Processor). Now a lot of things get said about Apple and their products and their pricing. I have even said plenty of negative things about Apple. But let me say this. In the eight years of service, this computer has never crashed, frozen (let it go) or had a virus. It’s been through college, the wobbly time after college, marriage, four years of World of Warcraft addiction, World of Warcraft detox, two charger cables, three batteries and only one small chassis crack. I got my money out of this laptop. I am replacing it this summer not because it doesn’t perform, but because a 60 GB hard drive doesn’t cut it in 2014 and its model can no longer accept OS software updates. Eight years. Goodbye old friend.

I find it amazing I was able to produce a blog post today. The brain works!

You're welcome.

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