Friday, November 15, 2013

Review: Thor: The Dark World

If you could see my desk at work, you’d understand my lack of motivation. I can’t show it to you because of a confidentiality agreement and I don’t post gore porn on this blog. Anyways, I saw Thor 2 last Friday…

How do I review a film when I don’t have strong feelings for it either way? I was entertained for the almost two hours my ever more flattened ass was crammed into the seats of the theater, but then we left the venue and honestly my mind has not returned to Thor: The Dark World until just now. I am not saying it was bad. I’m not saying it was good. It was everything I have come to expect from a Marvel Comics film. And there it is…

Insanely ridiculous plot, with serious climatic events, complemented by (numerous) comedic filler lines. It’s what we expect. And Thor 2 was exactly what I expected it to be. Sure, I thought some people would die and they didn’t. I didn’t see every little plot point coming, because I am not psychic and didn’t read spoilers, but nothing here surprised me. Nothing in Thor took me out of the theater and dropped me into an Asgardian adventure.

The effects were great. The action was some of the best in a Marvel movie to date. The acting was marvel movie acting. No Oscars here, but an acceptable level of average without too much cringe. It was a fun, if plot hole filled, romp continuing where the original Thor and Avengers left off. It even had some nice cameos.

So why can’t I shake the feeling I was disappointed by Thor 2? Hell, I’m pretty sure it was better than Thor 1. But nothing in Thor: The Dark World captured me like past Marvel films (Original Thor included). I had the same problem with Iron Man 3 and I am crossing my fingers the next Captain America doesn’t suffer the same fate.

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