Monday, May 30, 2011

Review: The Hangover 2

Hey, so here is a little explanation. We haven't stopped Best Picture Project. We are however, opening up Monday to all things movies; Movie Monday if you will. This way we don't feel so pressed to watch best pictures and we get a chance to talk about all the movies we are going to see this summer. Excited? Don't worry Best Picture Project is still alive and well, we just ran out of time to watch a two and a half hour plus Oscar winner. Also, just so you know and so I don't have to type it down every time, we will include spoilers in these reviews.

Before I begin though, let me stop and talk about Memorial Day. This is the kind of holiday we usually loose sight of after the hot dogs and hamburgers come out. It's not about grilling out and enjoying your family, although there is nothing wrong with celebrating the day in that way. Today is about the men and women who died so you could read this blog and I could write it.

The Hangover 2

May I start by saying that this film had far too much penis in it for my tastes. I mean, the boob to penis ratios is like 1 set of boobs to every 13.5 penis (what's the plural of penis?). If you're wondering about the .5, it was filmed in Asia. I liked the first Hangover. That is to say the first few times I saw it before repetition set in. But I knew this one was simply a Hollywood money grab. There is no good reason to make this movie other than to make more money. But then again that's pretty much why all movies are made in the first place. I guess if movies were only made to be artful, no one would see them and thus there would be no movies. I like movies; so I guess I support this one's existence as well. I am very saddened by the writers lack of inspiration. The first film had a lot of really good one liners through out. This was much more action and situational based. And when a good line did drop, everyone in the audience save my wife and I didn't even laugh. I'm serious, the best line in the whole movie was over everyones heads. What's that say about American movie goers?

All that said, this is still a solid, yet predictable, entry to the franchise. I was worried the trailer gave away the shock value a little. I still think they should have kept the tattoo a secret, but there are plenty more shocks to keep things interesting and disgusting. This is a much darker chapter to the woeful tales of the wolfpack and their misadventures. I guess they are following the Star Wars example. If that is the case then expect the third installment to include ghost Jedi, evil emperors and Ewoks; or what ever the Hangover equivalent of those things happens to be. If you really liked the first one, go see this one you won't be disappointed.

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