Monday, June 6, 2011

Review: X-Men First Class

The Wife: Oh Magneto, you are totally winning. The best character of the X-Men franchise...and finally we got to see a film focused on you. Since hollywood decided to obsess over Wolverine (and assassinate the Cyclops character and Cyclops-Jean Grey romance to pander to you...ugghhhh!), we never got the Magneto Origins movie, but X-Men First Class settles as the next best thing. Michael Fassbender played Magneto perfectly. I always imagined that Magneto would be hot in that rebellious, bad boy type as a younger dude and well, this movie showed that! Seeing Magneto's story and getting more insight into the character was awesome. My inner-fan girl loved it!

I also loved the development and depth of the other characters. James McAvoy played Professor X very well. I enjoyed watching the Professor X/Magneto friendship build, and even though I figured that the pair would go their separate ways at the film's end, it was still nice to watch. The other acting (Kevin Bacon aside...scroll down for Hobo Dan's review of this) was really great! The characters and how I felt for them was much better than the first three films. I loved the friendships and the action was great. Some films like to just have action to appease the uber nerds, but it is nice to have action broken up with decent acting/emotional depth scenes.

Of course, this movie took liberties from the comic books (which the first three did as well), but that is to be expected in movies. The liberties in this one didn't irritate me as much as the first three Wolverine...oops I mean X-Men films...nor did it irritate me like when Harry Potter and the Prizoner of Azkaban ruined a scene/plot point involving a Fire Bolt broom. Ok ok ok we are treading deeply in nerd territory, back to X-Men First Class (haha!) — a great, fun, action movie that blew the first three X-Men films, and that awful Wolverine movie where they decided to bring in Gambit but instead all I see is Tim Riggins of FNL,  out of the water! Of course this movie wasn't the best super-hero-comic movie I've ever seen, but it was the perfect "popcorn and fun" film to see on a Friday night. Not to mention, Hugh Jackman does have an amazing cameo!

I hope that they decide to go on full re-boot with the franchise. Oh and what is your team? Team Magneto/Brotherhood all the way!

Hobo Dan: Oh Kevin Bacon, where the hell have you been? Sucking in low budget independent films? The last time I enjoyed seeing you was in that Logitech web TV commercial where you made fun of yourself. In a film with a few cheesy moments you have brought the full Limburger. Normally aging men have receding hairs lines; you have a receding nose line. Seriously, you better get that checked out Mr. Bacon, before you end up like Michael Jackson; no I don’t mean dead. It’s pretty sad that you’re best acting in this movie was when you were speaking German and that’s only because German sounds terrible no matter who is speaking it. No wonder they didn’t put you in any of the trailers. Can we play six degrees of Kevin Bacon backwards to get away from you?

X-Men first class? Yes, a fine film. The best of the X-Men movies if you ask me. Why when I try to spell X-Men does my spell check hate it? It gives it the evil red line and suggests I wanted to spell semen or seamen. Nay spell check, nay. Speaking of horses... Oh, never mind. As I was saying, this was a fun little romp. It's nowhere close to The Dark Knight, but what is really? What it is, is fun and enjoyable. The characters are likable and well acted, save Kevin Bacon. The plot is a little out there, but I guess I can believe Kevin Bacon was behind the Cuban Missile Crisis. I mean I feel like starting an international incident after seeing his acting. And that's really what it comes down to for me. Every time Xavier and Erik (Professor X and Magneto) are on screen the film is great. I thought it would be hard for the actors to step out of the shadows of Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen but they pulled it off wonderfully. Then Kevin Bacon came on screen and was all footloose and fancy-free. But heaven help us they killed him, so the next movie is free to have a good actor portray the villain and all will be good. Oh yeah, whine more that I spoiled it, like you didn't know the good guys would win.

The Wife has decreed that I choose a team, sorry dear, I choose team X-Men.

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