Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Frog

Slow night. Slow week. Slow, well you get the point. Thought I'd write something. How about a tale from the homestead.

So we have this large stuffed animal frog at our house. It's too large to do any good. I did not have a hand in its purchase; I'll leave it at that. Anyways, it is bigger than our dog Winston. Granted he only weighs about 20 pounds, but still; it's a large frog. It has a very creepy grin too. Never trust people or stuffed animals that smile too much, ever. This smile drives Winston crazy. I can't figure out if he loves the frog or hates the frog. Recently he was left alone with the frog for a few seconds. In those painful seconds, that damned frog seduced my very neutered dog. Before we could stop him, Winston forcefully mounted the frog and began to pound away. All we could see were his relentless thrusts and the frog's vile smile. We quickly pulled Winston off the frog, but the damage had been done. My wife now screams anytime he gets next to a pillow or any other object she deems hump-able. What's the point I'm getting at? Maybe you shouldn't trust stuffed frogs just because they have a nice smile, because they just end up fucking your dog...

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