Wednesday, April 28, 2010

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My scattered brain has left me with several different topics of discussion for you this evening which you may or may not care about...

Iron Man 2 is coming out soon. I'm somewhat excited. I know it will be awesome. I also know it will feature Nick Fury with more than just a quick after credits nod. I know that after this movie they are going to put real work into The Avengers. I really am not a fan of these combined universes in comic books. I think I will hate the Justice League much more than The Avengers, but that's probably just because I don't like Superman. I feel like putting all these characters together will somehow cheapen them and the films will be devoid of deeper meaning; replacing that meaning will be mindless action (not that some of them weren't already mindless action). As I age, I am becoming more and more tired of the mindless action. Is it just me? Does anyone else feel these characters should just stay in their own little universes and be happy? Marvel and DC don't.

I spent most of yesterday playing Too Human on ye'olde xbox. That's right, I love that game despite what most media hooked gamers may think. It's the kind of game you have to give some time to, to get to know it, like me; maybe that's why I love it. I hadn't played it in awhile so I enjoyed getting back to the hacking and shooting and looting. It is a real shame this game was never given a chance by gamers because of some bad press. I can name several games that have sold better which I consider inferior to Too Human. It hurts my heart to think that all that crap will probably mean I will not get to play a sequel. It's not just the great action and looting I will miss. The game's story used Norse Mythology as its back drop. Greek and Roman myths are fine, but Norse myths are my favorites for several reasons, first of which being the Gods can die and know they will die. If you don't know much about Norse Mythology, I highly suggest it. Not to mention a major movie from Marvel Comics will be coming out next year called Thor; I'm sure after it hits there will suddenly be tons of Norse Mythology know-it-alls about. Well Thor is awesome and so is Too Human; if you didn't like Too Human you didn't play it long enough or you just don't like a quality loot grinder in the tradition of the Diablo franchise.

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