Friday, April 16, 2010

Best Picture

So I got around to watching The Hurt Locker last weekend via Netflix. If you haven't seen it I'm about to spoil it so skip the next paragraph:

***It's about the Iran war circa 2004. They main characters are basically the military version of a bomb squad. When someone finds a bomb or mine, they get called in to disarm it. Everyday! Not my kind of job.***

It is a very good movie and worthy of the Oscars I'm sure. I had one problem. I know it's Hollywood and they needed the drama, but I don't think I guy would get very far in the military acting the way he did. He was continuously breaking rules and orders to satisfy his adrenaline addiction; yes I do agree you can be addicted to adrenaline. I just don't think the military would allow that kind of activity. Anyone with more knowledge on the subject please enlighten me with your thoughts. As I said, the movies as entertainment is very good. I only saw two of the movies up for best picture this year (The Hurt Locker and District 9) so I guess I'm not too qualifyed to make an opinion; but I will anyways. I thought they were both excellent movies, but District 9 was better, in my opinion. As on edge as The Hurt Locker could put you, both my wife and I had it figured out. We knew who would die and who would live long before the end. District 9, while my wife had it nail very early, I did not figure out until much later. Also, District 9 just had a different feel to it. It stands apart from the normal Hollywood movie. I think the South African director and cast are part of this.

As for Avatar, I didn't see it and now that it's out of theaters, I probably won't. People have told me if you can't see it in 3D then it's not worth it. Well if 3D is the only thing that makes it "worth it", then I have no interest.

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  1. Avatar is totally worth watching! It has a neat story, it is a little long though, but you should rent it. My opinion is that you shouldn't see it in theatre if you aren't watching it in 3D, because the 3D is awesome, but it didn't make the movie worth watching, the cool landscapes, story, and of course Sigourney Weaver make it worth it!