Saturday, May 23, 2009

Game Night

My wife and I rented Guitar Hero: Metallica tonight for our 360. Generally when we rent GH games I just sit back and enjoy the music while she plays. I prefer it this way because I really suck at the game and its more fun to watch and just listen to the music. I have to say I'm pretty lucky to have a wife that rocks out to Metallica. It's even cooler when Enter Sandman opens up and she freaks out, plays it and sings along. The game has a great play list, probably my favorite track list of any GH game. We probably got through most of the game before she got tired and we switched to the movie we also rented.

Unfortunately we rented Paul Blart: Mall Cop. How far Kevin James has fallen. This movie is so disjointed and absurd I can't even find a redeeming quality in it, and I can always find something about a movie I like. To quote my wife "This movie's stupid; not funny stupid, just stupid." I agree dear, I agree. Now I see why it came to DVD so soon.

Anyways, as we all get into the long weekend, I do think everyone should remember it is Memorial Day weekend. Whether you visit the grave of a relative who served or simply watch a great war movie, Saving Private Ryan for me, do something to remember those who have served. They made it possible for us to play great games  and watch terrible movies if we choose.


  1. Paul Blart played at our movie theater for... 7 or 8 weeks (can't remember how many exactly) but it was there at least two weeks longer than we had our run of The Dark Knight... AND PEOPLE KEPT COMING TO SEE IT

    So awful -_-

  2. So listen... you are kind of gay sometimes... I mean, I'm so lucky to have a wife that "rocks out" to metallica... wow... there are many other things I could make fun of, but I have other blogs to read, and I'm sure I'll have something to make fun of about those...
    ~Your Adoring Sister :)