Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Epic Fast Food FAIL!

I am sick; not in the head like most of you are probably thinking. I have a head cold or sinus problem or some damned allergy to everything. I felt terrible at work today, I just wanted to run the letter opener through my skull. I got through work and came home. Vacation days, yay! No work for me till Monday. Nothing can go wrong... you all know me too well.

We don't cook too much anymore. We are lazy, poor and out of food. So we went out. Where? How about Taco Bell, fast, cheap; not particularly good, but it better than nothing. Taco Bell it is. So we get to Taco Bell and the guy in the speaker box tell us it's a twenty minute wait! WTF? What do they make at Taco Bell that could take twenty minutes? Ten? Five? Maybe the secret underpaid Mexican they have working in the basement all quit? I don't know.

Where do we eat now? How about KFC. Everyone loves KFC. We get there and ask if they have any of the their grilled chicken ready, they answer: "No, but we could put some down for you." Wha-huh? You could put some down for us? Now I'm no fast food expert, I did however work at McDonalds for nine months and generally when we ran out of something, we "put some down" even if there wasn't anyone waiting. So I asked how long it would take and they answered; twenty minutes. That must be the super secret magic number of the night.

We went on dismayed. Arby's? Sure. We pull up to the speaker, no hello. Silence. About five minutes later we order and get food. After all that I get my nourishment and feel a little better. I still can't figure out what caused a twenty minute wait at Taco Bell.

Tonight was a Massive Fast Food Fail!

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