Monday, January 5, 2015

Goodbye Dump the blog, Hello Dump the blog

Here is an awesome picture, marvel at it!
So today I am saying goodbye to Dump the blog and hello to Dump the blog.

What am I on about? In 2014, I turned 30 years old and have effectively abandoned the blog of my mid and late twenties. It was a crass and terrible thing with brief and fleeting moments of glory. I believe it is still a top 10 Google hit for those who search “Hangover Part 2 dic pic”. If you’re still here, bless you. It was a lifestyles and movie blog and for posterity’s sake, it is all still there for you to dig through and read if you wish. But starting now, it will be the new Dump the blog.

So I enjoy playing video games. I enjoy writing when not at work). I’ve decided to make a concerted effort to write more words about the video games I am playing and looking forward to. This document is for you, the reader. I shall announce my intentions, and let you decide if this will be your venue of choice for wasting time.

I primarily play PC games, although I do have a PS3 and a Nintendo 3DS XL. I might even have a PS4 one day, if our PS3 stops being an effective Netflix machine and my wife demands a replacement. I was, in the past, primarily a console gamer, but have seen the glorious PC gaming light (hail Gaben). I primarily play PC games that are not AAA. On occasion I have been known to pick them up, most recently Dragon Age Inquisition, but in generally I’ll grab them on sale years after release. I mostly go for the copious amounts of “Indy” games, as they are referred to these days. I also enjoy one free to play game (MechWarrior Online) where I am admittedly somewhat of a whale (I’ll get into this often, but later). I enjoy most genres, with strategy, RPG and walking simulation being tops of the list.

I will not be reviewing games. This is an impressions, opinion and news blog only. I cannot, and will not filter myself. I will try my hardest to let you know when I have a clear and relentless bias towards something, so you don’t get too butthurt over my words. If anyone ever decides to pay me for my words, I’ll tell you that as well, because ethics.

I can also be found on Twitter @TheRealHoboDan if you wish to follow me. I have been known to take a week long hiatus from Twitter, only to tweet 15 times in 5 minutes at 7 am some random morning, just to piss you off. Fair warning is fair.

Thank you for reading. Please like, comment, follow, retweet or whatever, I can’t keep up.