Thursday, September 15, 2011

Welcome to Relay

The original idea for this blog was a way to keep me consistently writing. 2011 has been a good year for that as I have posted at least one per week all year so far (thanks in part to the help from the Wife who has at times carried me). Another idea was to eventually post original fiction. Well, welcome to Relay. Over the next 12 weeks Thursday’s will be the home of Relay, an episodic tale from my terrifying mind. I’m not here to say it’s good or bad; I’m just letting you know it is coming. Be prepared. These first 12 episodes will act as “Season 1” if you’d like to break it down that way. Ready yourself for the obligatory cliffhanger ending. Episodes will be around 1500 words, give or take. Assuming anyone reads this tale and enjoys it then following seasons will be published. If no one reads, I will be forced to reconcile with my utter failure and retreat to the deep forests of Canada to live out my life as a survivalist hermit.

First I’d like to thank the Wife and Sara, a fellow blogger and good friend to Dump, for their help in the editing department. I am a notoriously bad typist. Type-os, misspelling and misusage of words are all too prevalent in my first drafts. They both ruined many of the proverbial red pens getting through these episodes. They have also provided suggestions about story line problems, continuity and of course the Wife suggested the whole work would be lifted by a steamy shower scene. I have taken some of their suggestions to heart, others have been totally rejected. I believe criticism of ideas is one of the best ways to improve your own writing and I greatly appreciate their help on this project.

Here is the part where I beg on my hands and knees like a whore for your comments. I know most of you readers are not mindless zombies with no opinions beyond a love of eating brains. So please comment. Tell me what you think. If it sucks giant donkey balls, then tell me. If you think the main characters are boring, tell me. If the entire work offends you on the most basic of intellectual levels, then TELL ME! Oh, you can also let me know if you like it ;) Also feel free to comment on what others have said about the work. Remember there is nothing better than an all out flame war on the internetz!

The episodes will be labeled Relay; meaning if you miss an installment or two you can quickly and easily find them all gathered together by simply clicking the Relay option at the bottom of the posts or on the side bar titled Labels. It’s almost as if I want to make it as easy as possible for you to find and read these. But seriously please enjoy the story. I realized one day, after a long period of depression, that it doesn’t matter if any of my stories are ever ‘traditionally published’ as long as people somewhere read and enjoy them. So I will see you next week for Episode 1 of Relay.


  1. This is Brenda Roush, I can't wait to read your story!

  2. Sara will not be commenting as she's seen the story in advance and might give away spoilers accidentally.... BUT SHE'S READING IT.