Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mothman Festival 2011

I woke last night in a cold sweat. I went to the kitchen to get a drink. That's when I saw them; the red eyes. I froze. I always thought the Mothman was a myth, but this indisputable evidence made me think other wise. Then my wife came in and turned on the kitchen light. The red eyes turned into the coffee machine. "What are you doing?" she asked. "Nothing." I replied and returned to bed.

You know what's not the best idea? Reading the Mothman Prophecies when you live right in the middle of where said book is based. It makes you think silly thoughts and wonder if you're really alone or not. Needless to say I read the book when the Wife and I move here to Point Pleasant, West Virginia. It was very different from how I thought it would be. Much more journalistic, much more believable. I grew up just across the river from Point Pleasant in Ohio, so I've always heard of Mothman, but I never put too much interest in it. Here in Point Pleasant you either like Mothman or hate Mothman. I don't mean the creature itself, I mean what it represents. There are many people in town who'd rather ignore the idea all together, like nothing ever happened. I can't figure out if they are scared or embarrassed. Others like myself embrace the myth for what it is; a myth. Mothman is something that put Point Pleasant on the map and I think too many people who live there forget that.

So if you haven't heard, September 16-18 is the 10th Annual Mothman Festival in Point Pleasant, West Virginia! The event features music, hay rides through the TNT area, vendors and speakers. The festival starts on Friday with the Miss Mothman Pageant. On Saturday morning the Wife and I will host the second annual Mothman 5k run (contact me for more info or follow on Facebook and the Twitter). Shortly after the run the festival itself gets into full swing in historic downtown Point Pleasant. I have been several times now, so here is a run down of the things you must do. Mothman Pancakes! Yes, pancakes shaped like Mothman. Eat them. The Ghostbusters will be there for a photo opportunity. Meet the "Men in Black," (minus Will Smith) who can be spotted wondering all over the festival. Take your picture with the famous Mothman statue at Gunn Park. Also, be sure to catch screenings of Eyes of the Mothman and The Mothman Prophecies, which will be shown at the Historic State Theater on Main St.  Here is an article on the festival written by a talented and knowledgeable local news reporter.

So plan out a fun adventure to Mothmantown. Look us up if you drop in, as long as you're not a creepy stalker type.

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  1. Love it!! Thanks for the link. And wow, that reporter did an awesome job.