Thursday, March 31, 2011

All Sorts of Crazy

It’s not enough that people are rude and inconsiderate and smelly and stupid and dull and mean and self centered, but now they are all going crazy. I don’t mean slightly neurotic; I mean dressing up like their dead mother to murder people psycho. In the past I have used the word crazy very lightly, as with other words. But recently I have decided to reserve the word for true acts of insanity. For example I would refer to someone who drives poorly as a crazy driver; even though all they are doing is going to fast or passing in risky spots. Now I consider a crazy driver someone who IS GOING THE WRONG WAY through a tight construction zone and gives you that “Get out of my way, I’m unstable!” look as they zoom by, barely missing your front bumper. The detour is clearly marked and there is plenty of traffic to follow. That’s crazy.

I previously thought everyone posting useless crap on YouTube was crazy. Now I realize they are mostly attention whores with low self esteem desperately yelling at the top of their lungs for someone to listen. (If you’re about to make a connection to those people on YouTube and this blog, please understand; I’m not yelling, you can’t yell in print.) Anyways, despite their absurd antics, most of the YouTube people are perfectly sane. The nutty people on YouTube didn’t put themselves there. Most of them were caught on film doing mentally questionable things like calling out rapists on the news or crying at a WWF convention or robbing a convenience store with a six foot long tree branch. They didn’t ask to be on the YouTube, they went berserker and someone captured it and uploaded it for all of us to see.

I have used the word crazy for just about anyone on a game or reality TV show. This was wrong of me. You see, these people go on those shows to try and get money. There is nothing crazy about trying to get money. Everyone is trying to get more money. People will do just about anything for money, that doesn’t make them crazy, just greedy. Actually most of the people on those shows are much more stupid than mad; see The Jersey Shore. Now, a show with crazy people is something like Toddlers and Tiaras. The mothers that dress up their children and put all that make-up on them and make them lose weight and yell at them are crazy. That is child abuse and they should be jailed or shot, which ever is cheaper. They are teaching their children that physical appearances are the only important thing when looking for a partner in life. That’s just nonsense because we all know money and status are equally important when selecting a mate.

I could probably devote a whole blog to how much we use words out of context or scale up and down their values. For instance I am a great offender of the word awesome. Granted most of the time I use it sarcastically, but on some occasions I’ll use it to describe a recent meal or other common event of my boring life. If the dinner I just ate at some restaurant was “awesome” what word could I possibly use if I’m walking down the street one day and Jesus appears and we have a good long talk about life and then he beats me down in a pickup basketball game? I can’t say it was awesome because I’d be comparing a simple meal to getting schooled on the court by Jesus Christ.


  1. Oh, also crazy: Charlie Sheen. But I think we knew that already. Winning!

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